WIP Master List

As I head into 2014 I plan on doing a Fabric fast (eek!).  My stash is moderate, my scraps are out of control!  I have a ton of projects in progress, even more floating around in my brain.  I should be able to complete a lot of them this year without needing to buy more than batting and maybe some backing.  I'm going to keep a list here so if I get the urge to buy for a project, I can look at all of the projects that can be finished without buying.

Elsa's blanket Finished December 2013
Baby Dickson's blanket Finished January 2014
Kylee's quilt (Finished February 2014)
Nancy's Mustache quilt (Finished January 2014)
Clementine Cross (Finished March 2014)
Bits and Pieces II (Cutting/Piecing)
Hanging Hearts Mini (Finished March 2014)
Impromptu Along (Ready for Basting)
Swoon (Piecing Back)
Swoon mini (Pattern Purchased)
Leftovers (Piecing)
MSBHQAL (Piecing)
Trees (Piecing)
QAYG Strings (Finished April 2014)
Tula Pink City Blocks (Cutting/Piecing)
Tumbling Time (Piecing)
Happy Hexagons (Plan)
Let it Rain (Plan)
Patchy Flowers (Ready for Basting)
Nordika Cabin (Plan)
Bee Quilt (Piecing)
Glass Stars (Cutting/Piecing)
*Indian Summer w/ Meadow (Piecing)
Scout (Pattern Purchased)
Neighbourhood (Project Inspiration)
Beach Quilt (Plan)
Scrapper's Delight (Project Inspiration)
Smitten (Pattern Purchased)
Reverie (Pattern Purchased)
Wallflowers (Pattern Purchased)
Pow Wow (Pattern Purchased)
Lattice (Pattern Purchased)
Cartwheels (Pattern Purchased)
Diamond Tread (Pattern Purchased)
Chain Reaction (Pattern Purchased)
Up and Away (Piecing)
Jeni's Giant Star (Plan)
*Comma Triangles (Quilting)
Once Upon a Time (Plan)
HST sampler
AMH Feathers
V and Co Stars (Plan)
Adorn (Plan)
Pinwheel Quilt (with Simply Color charm pack)
Tula Pink Butterfly
Alison Glass Feathers
Radiating Rainbows (Finished April 2014)
Retro Flowers
Granny Square
*Pretty Petals (Piecing)
Avery's Quilt
Daniel's Quilt
Brennan's Quilt
Gathering Flowers by AMH

Damask apron (Ready to cut)
Stack of crayon rolls (In progress)
Wide Open Pouches (In Progress)
Class sample for Zipper purse (Finished January 2014)
Kindle Covers (In Progress)
Thread catcher (Plan)
Christmas Tree Skirt (Fabric bought)
Supertote (Pattern Purchased)
Quiet Book (In Progress)


  1. good luck! we can do it. =) more purchases just means a longer and longer wip list. I'm excited to actually make all the things I wanted to without distraction. good luck!

  2. I had to come look (from the WIP post). I list only items that I have actually started to cut--doesn't nag so loudly.

  3. Wow that's a big list! Inspiring. I often get excited by an idea but set it aside till I've finished current projects - then forget all about it. I think I need to do a master list too!
    I also came from wip Wednesday. Excuse me while I rifle through your archives :)