Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have about a hundred works in progress (WIPs).  Probably many hundreds if you count all of the ideas I've pinned.   And at least a dozen that I have gone out and bought the fabric for, maybe even started.  Then I hit a snag or a difficult part and I set it aside and months pass before I remember it again.

Eventually I would like Wednesday posts to feature photos of me completing at least one of these projects.  But with the craft fair drawing near and the weather getting colder that didn't happen this week.  So I leave you with photos of a few WIPs that inched closer to completion.

This is the start of a blanket for my youngest daughter.  She's just 18 months old and up until now has slept with just her lovey blanket.  But it's too small to cover her completely and still have enough left for her to shove up into her face.  It's been getting colder so this one needs to be jumped up the priority list a bit.  I'm going out of my comfort zone and attempting a puff quilt!

Remember the scary tower of fleece?  Today during naps it became the scary tower of hats waiting to be sewn.  That pile has nearly doubled since I took that photo!

Hopefully next week there will be an actual completed project to show.

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