Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sewing Room Clean Up Time

Sewing by Moonlight is hosting a sewing space clean along.  And boy could my space use it!  These are the befores.

Stuff got shifted around and moved into my space when we were building walls in other parts of the basement.  I was hoping all of the walls would be finished by now, so I put off organizing.  Obviously it's not done :(  But I still need to get things back to an efficient working space.

My "shipping" dresser.  The top drawer holds envelopes and packing material.  Middle drawer is shop items.  Bottom drawer is batting.  The top is supposed to hold my scale and act as a shipping prep surface.  Right now it's a catch all surface.  Not useful!

Next to the dresser is my cutting table.  Pretty good up top because I use it daily.  Underneath is another story. And I didn't even show you the floor.  It's not showable LOL.  The stacks of bolts do live there (I need more shelving desperately) but there is scraps and finished blocks buried in there.  And those are my scrap bins on top.

My work surface/ironing table.  This also gets used daily but it could definitely use a tidy.

UGH!  This is my desk.  Everything gets piled on here.  I have a lot of admin work that needs to happen right now and it's not getting done.  Could that possibly be due to large teetering piles of paper?  Yes, I think so.

The clean up has already begun and I'm committing to finishing by next week!  Linking up to Sewing by Moonlight.  I'm pretty sure everyone out there could stand to spend some time cleaning/organizing in your space as well, so why not join us :)

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