Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Finish

This is an old finish but one I've never blogged before.  I'm hoping to eventually have a record of all the quilts I have made here on the blog.  Especially, since so few of my quilts live with me.  So, please forgive me while I run a series of posts featuring older quilts.

This first one is actually fairly recent.  At one of the craft fairs I did over the holidays, someone seemed interested in one of the baby blankets I had available for purchase.  In chatting with her, I learned that she loved the colors and pattern but was looking for a twin quilt. I invited her to email me so we could chat about a custom quilt but knew that there was a chance I would not hear from her again.

I was thrilled to receive an email from her a few days later and we quickly worked out dimensions, colors and pattern.  The room was painted Tiffany blue with hits of pink, yellow, orange and red.  I started pulling fabrics until I had this stack.

A whole bunch of cutting, strip piecing and play with layout left me with this.

Then it was on to quilting and binding.  I quilted straight lines around each main seam (6 1/2 inch blocks) in both directions.

I love the smattering of little people throughout the quilt.  When I delivered the quilt to it's owner, she was thrilled with the yellow butterfly fabric as her nieces called their room the "butterfly room".  This is up there as one of my favorite quilts I've made and I was sad to see it go.

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