Monday, 10 June 2013

Declaring Quilty Week

I have 6 quilt tops waiting to be quilted right now. 6!!  That is more than I have ever had waiting.  And it's causing me a lot of stress.  So for the next week I will be focusing on finishing the quilting on at least a few of these.  As I write this, I'm stunned to find that I didn't even photograph one of the finished tops!  So you will have to wait until the quilting is finished, which shouldn't take long since it's already basted :)

Custom Personalize Twin

Impromptu Along

Bits and Pieces Postage Stamp Top

I have two of these black and white chevron tops!


  1. I love your postage stamp quilt top! Good luck quilting!

  2. These are some great tops! My pile is getting rather big too. I think that postage stamp is my fave!

  3. Some fab tops, i especially love the black and white chevrons, gorgeous!

  4. I really like that top chevron with the skinny strip between colors. It gives it a whole 'nother look. Thanks!