Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Open Wide Zippered Pouch

The sewing fates were on my side yesterday and I finished both the stack of bibs and my wide open pouch!

I used the pattern by Noodlehead that has been circulating for a while now.  The pattern was an easy follow and I made it exactly as she directed this time around.

Next time I think I will do home decor for the outer and a quilting cotton for the inner.  I had some issues getting the lining to sit well but I think it was mostly due to the bulk that comes from double home decor weight fabric.

I don't do a ton of zipper work so I was pleased that those parts worked just like they should have :)  The heavier fabric did make the zipper tab a little finicky to attach, however.

I filled it with a summer mug, gift card and magazine and sent it off to school with my 7 year old this morning.  I hope her teacher enjoys it!

I will definitely be making at least one more of these pouches.  It came together really easily and looks great.  Has anyone else made one?  What was your experience?

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  1. That is a super cute end of the year gift for a teacher. I'm a teacher, and I'd be thrilled to get something that thoughtful and beautiful.

  2. I just made my first one last week, and I love how it turned out! I hadn't worked with a zipper for a long time, and it was much easier than I expected. Great idea to use heavier fabric for the outside pieces!

  3. I made one yesterday! It actually turned out really well. The zipper I used was too short, but now I know. I will be blogging about it in a day or two! Love the way your pouch turned out. I understand what you mean about the double layer of home deco fabric. That is one lucky teacher!!

  4. Cute! If I were a teacher I'd be thrilled with this little gift. I've wanted to try this Noodlehead pattern for a long time and just...haven't. I will remember your tip about home dec on the outside, quilting cotton on the inside--thanks for the heads-up!