Friday, 1 June 2012

May Small Projects Wrap Up

Well May changed direction for me LOL.  Instead of knocking out a ton of small projects I ended up focusing on some pretty big projects.  I finished the front and back for two full size quilts.  And I decided that my energies really need to be focused on filling my etsy shop.

But I did finish up two more projects that were on my list.

I made a fabric book slings for Alexis' room in main fabric from her puff quilt.  I added an appliqued A and hung it at her height.  It seems she is a fan :)

I also gave our coffee table an overhaul.  I love the shape but the color doesn't work in our new home and the paint was chipping and scratched.  I gave it a light sanding followed by a bazillion coats of green spray paint.  I didn't realize until I had used up an entire can that I picked up the super light mist stuff.  I printed out a chevron template from Sunset magazine , followed their directions and sprayed over top with a light grey spray paint.

I had a few issues with the process.  The thumb tacks they suggest using left permanent holes in the wood :(  And while I was doing a top coat of lacquer spray (I have two young children who regularly use this table for eating.  It needed to clean easy!)  a gust of wind send dust over the top leaving streaks of the lightest red tint.  It's not visible in the pictures but I see it every time I look at it :(  Overall, it's still a vast improvement and I'm glad I tackled it.

Moving forward, the plan for June is to go full steam on filling my Etsy shop.  But I would also love to finish up the two quilts I have ready for quilting.  I am planning on updating at least once a week on here so expect some pretty pictures :)


  1. Love your table do over. The chevron pattern looks great.

  2. Love your fabric book sling. What a great idea!

  3. your table looks GREAT! that chevron design is fabulous! and i love the A book sling. i bet she will be a fan of it for years to come. :)

    thanks for joining in the sew along and thanks for linking up your finishes!