Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Impromptu Pillows

As soon as I unpacked my bolts of PB&J from Moda I knew I would be making a pillow out of the Creamy Daisy Mae.  Normally it takes me months to get around to actually doing these little projects, but for some reason the urge hit me to just do it yesterday. I spend so much time working on quilts that I sometimes forget how nice it is to just start and finish a project in the same day!

While I was at it, I pulled out a pile of strings left after trimming yardage and made my first string pillow.  I searched for tutorials on Pinterest, read through a few and then got to work.  I really enjoyed making this and have already started dreaming of making a string quilt like this one.

The Daisy Mae pillow is self backed and the string pillow is backed with Grunge in Picnic Blue.  They both have hidden zippers inserted following this tutorial.

Do you have a favorite string quilt?  Any plans for the PB&J line?
Thanks for stopping by!
Leigh Anne


  1. LOVE those pillows! Feeling inspired now.

    1. Thank you! I would love to see what you made :)