Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WIP Wednesday

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On the weekend, my daughter realized that this quilt was for her and insisted that I work on it as much as possible LOL.  As a result, I put in about 5 hours and made some major progress.  The goal is to finish the top by this weekend.

This work in progress was inspired by Red Pepper QuiltsThis quilt popped up in my Pinterest feed, even though it is several years old.  Such a good example of why I love Pinterest :)  With these two projects taking up a significant amount of time, I did NOT get any of my chevron tops quilted :(  But I did get one basted!  Baby steps :)

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Design Stage
My husband's Mario quilt
Strips of pink quilt
Strips of blue quilt
Lap quilt for my youngest
Escape Artist for my bedroom
Pillows for my MIL
Blind for kitchen window
Ticker tape cushion for bedroom
Blue/red/green disappearing 9 patch quilt
Comma triangles
Nolan's quilt
Harper's big girl quilt
K&J's quilt

Piecing Stage
Lap quilt for my oldest
Floral patchwork quilt
Damask apron
Matching dresses for oldest and her doll
Patchwork pillow
Big stack of crayon rolls
pb&j quilt
Ticker tape cushion for living room

Quilting Stage
Blue/green chevron
Black/white/pink chevron
Black/white/blue chevron
Patchwork pillow
Little apples quilt

Purple Chevron
pb&j cushion cover


  1. I love the projects you are working on. Pinterest is awesome for finding great quilt patterns - old and new :)

    You have quite a list there on your Master List. :) FUN!

  2. You're making a lot of nice progress!