Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WIP Wednesday

More finishes this week! Although perhaps I should be more bashful about that. My finishes were not WIPs before this week {blushes}. I loved my patchwork pillow so much that I decided to make two more.  In my defense, I needed two more pillows to take to the artisan shop this weekend!

Then I moved onto the pile of chevron quilts I have planned and begun cutting.  One ready to be basted/quilted.

Just 3 more to go!

Today's plan is to baste/quilt the purple chevron and start on the next chevron quilt in the pile.

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced   There is tons of amazing inspiration over there!  Be sure and check it out.

It's also time to get a formalized list going for my WIP Wednesdays.  I'm sure it will shift and change and grow over the coming weeks but at least it will be at my fingertips.

Design Stage
My husband's Mario quilt
Strips of pink quilt
Strips of blue quilt
Lap quilt for my youngest
Escape Artist for my bedroom
Pillows for my MIL
Blind for kitchen window
Ticker tape cushion for living room
Ticker tape cushion for bedroom
Blue/red/green disappearing 9 patch quilt
Comma triangles

Piecing Stage
Lap quilt for my oldest
Little apples quilt
Floral patchwork quilt
Blue/green chevron
Black/white/pink chevron
Black/white/blue chevron
Damask apron
Matching dresses for oldest and her doll
Patchwork pillow
Big stack of crayon rolls

Quilting Stage
Purple chevron
Patchwork pillow

Well that ended up much longer than I expected.  Guess I better get sewing!


  1. Love your pillows. Fabulous colours! I hope that is not your one week list!

    1. OMG I think I would be curled up in a ball under my sewing machine if that was a one week list LOL. That is a forever list, open to changes at any moment :)

  2. Awesome pillows! Love the quilt too. A chevron quilt is on my to-do list.

    1. Thanks Cindi! I use this tutorial by Amanda Jean for my chevrons.

      Super quick and easy to do!

  3. Love the pillows and the quilt! Can't wait to see all of your chevrons!