Tuesday, 4 March 2014

ALYOF March: Scraps!

My machine is away for maintenance.  This is the worst part of the year for me.  Going with sewing for 3 weeks is torture!  Fortunately it falls around tax season and I can occupy myself preparing all of my receipts for the accountant.  This year I had the added bonus of being in California for a week of that time.  But I'm still left with too many hours without sewing :(  Which makes it difficult to know what is a realistic goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  

Instead of aiming to finish a quilt top or sewing project, I am going to tackle my scraps.

This disaster is the pile that sits on my cutting table and gets in the way constantly.

And this is the rest of the scrap bins.  My goal for this month is to sort/organize/cut all of these scraps.  I have several projects planned to utilize them and if I can get them prepped I will be ready for some marathon sewing when my machine comes home.

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  1. It takes three weeks to get your machine back? Bummer!

    You've got some nice scraps there! I keep thinking I should cut mine into usable pieces, but they just sit jumbled in my scrap bins. Ah well, it worked out because my daughter then had her pick to design her first quilt! This will be a good way to play your fabric, though, when you can't actually do any sewing!

  2. I am curious what is the board behind with the numbers and post-its?

  3. very good plan. I am tackling my scraps this month too! One of my quilts for The Library Project is a scrappy one, so I cannot ignore the piles any longer... scraps united! Oh and by the way, I fell off the wagon last night... sale at Mad About Patchwork :( or :)

  4. What a smart way to use your machine maintenance time!