Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Finish: Best Friend Present

My youngest daughter has a best friend in daycare, Presley.  They are inseparable and talk non stop about each other at home.  It's a sad day when one or the other misses a day for some reason.  So it was very devastating to hear that Presley and her mom were moving across the country. This also meant that Alexis would miss celebrating Presley's birthday by one week.  But that didn't mean there couldn't be a gift to remind Presley of her best friend!

I followed this tutorial making a few modifications, including adding the monogram.  A matching crayon roll and a few coloring books will make it ideal for the airplane.  It took me longer than expected because there were a few parts of the tutorial I had to read through multiple times before I fully understood them.  I think future attempts will go more smoothly.  And there will definitely be future attempts because I love the outcome!

As for Alexis, she is adjusting well to the loss of her best friend.  Within a week she had a new bestie at school, although she asks about Presley nearly every day :(

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  1. I love this gift. It is hard to see our kids go through the heartache of losing a friend (but of course we know they will get over it). I bet your daughter was happy to be able to give this gift to Presley, and you know the bag and crayon roll will be much loved. Great job on the pillows too, Leigh Anne!

  2. so hard to let someone go... LeeAnna Paylor

  3. That's an adorable bag! Very thoughtful. I'm glad Alexis is adjusting well.