Monday, 27 May 2013

Busy Week

I apologize for the silence here last week.  Wednesday was my oldest's end of the year ballet recital.

The only thing more adorable than a stage full of 5-7 year olds dancing their hearts out is a stage full of 3-5 year olds looking for their parents and half following the dance steps!  Our dance teacher puts on a fantastic show that really highlights all of her classes from 3 years old to advance ballet.

Of course a ballet recital means visits from some grandparents.  My Dad and MIL came to see the show and we had to snag a picture of all three Boston fans in their jersies!

Finally, we filled our weekend putting together a new swingset.  Our old one was just that: OLD.  We got it 6 years ago and although it served us well, it wasn't meeting the needs of the 7 year old.  It took a lot longer than the 4-8 hours suggested on the box but it was well worth the time.

As for sewing, the only things I worked on last week were my Sunny Days quilting (hoping to finish it up today) and the pillow cover for my MIL. (which did not get finished before her arrival!)  I'm hoping to finish up Sunny Days this week, start another custom order and get squares cut for the Impromptu Along that begins on the weekend.

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