Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Well Loved

Way back in May of last year I mentioned my Wonky Star quilt, but I never showed the finished product.  It's been finished for quite a while now and living on our sofa.

I followed this tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson! to make the stars.  The background is a grey broadcloth from a local store.

The back is Kona Chartreuse with a strip of grey patterned fabrics, some of which are pretty recognizable!  I quilted it with straight(ish) line quilting about 1/2" apart.  It is my first large quilt, the first quilt I made for myself and my first quilt using dense quilting.  The lines are far from straight.  I ran into tension issues which are obvious close up thanks to using a different colour bobbin thread. 

But I love this quilt.  There have been many movie nights snuggled up underneath.  Every family member has curled up underneath with a sore tummy or feverish head.  The kids use it to build forts and play house.  There is purple nail polish on the back and I don't care :)  It's been well loved and will continue to be well loved for years to come, I hope.

These stars were the most complicated thing I had pieced when I did them.  Looking back at Elizabeth's original Sparkle Punch Quilt I'm thinking I need to do a full one of my own!  But maybe I will finish up a few other WIPs first LOL.

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  1. LOVING your wonky stars. Great color choices and I love where you chose to put them. Thanks for adding the follow by email option...I signed up and I can't wait to start receiving your posts by email!