Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Out of My Box

In May of 2012, I asked my sister if she wanted me to make her a quilt for her wedding shower.  She chose her wedding colors, blue and yellow.  And after looking at a few different patterns, we chose this one, which has been on my Pinterest quilt board for ages.

I will admit that I struggled hard with this quilt.  The colors were not colors I would have chosen and I didn't really like the look of them.  Plus, I was nervous about all of the half square triangles required.  So I put off starting for a long time.  But once I got started, it really didn't take long to piece it together.  But I panicked about how to quilt it.  Took me a few months to get started on the pebbling.  And that did not go quickly once started LOL.

I had never done pebbling and I was amazed at how much thread it ate and how much time it took.  I cleaned out my local shop's thread 3 times in the course of pebbling the blue.  By this time it was November and I decided that it would be finished by Christmas no matter what.  During all of my pebbling I was thinking of how to quilt the yellow and decided to do a flower.  I found a template at the LQQ and modified it slightly ti fit the space I had.  That part did go quickly!

I honestly think the back is my favorite part.  I used blue thread for the pebbling, yellow thread for the flowers and I love that you can clearly see them on the back.  I'm not sure of the final dimensions as I totally forgot to measure it LOL.  They have been using it as a lap quilt for 4 months now and it has been washed multiple times.  I just love the texture and dimension that the pebbling adds.  It almost makes me want to tackle some more pebbling.  Almost.

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  1. Beautiful, I like the back also, disregard my post about pricing for international, just saw that your in Canada, not sure of prices then.