Wednesday, 22 May 2013

WIP Wednesday

Most of my week has been spent working on Sunny Days.  And the beginning of the week has seen a lot of time spent here.

Lots of good progress being made on it and I'm hoping to finish up the quilting by Friday.

My first attempt at a cathedral pillow is coming along pretty well.  There is definitely lots of room for  improvement on this but I'm happy I decided to tackle it.  Although I'm really surprised at how much fabric goes into one of these.  I calculated 4 yards of the white alone!

And a first attempt at hourglass blocks.  I've always been wary of these but they are soooo easy!  I'm glad I attempted them and am excited to see the design I have in my head come to life on the wall.  Although I am NOT excited by the thought of trimming 50+ blocks!

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Design Stage
My husband's Mario quilt
Strips of pink quilt
Strips of blue quilt
Lap quilt for my youngest
Escape Artist for my bedroom
Impromptu Along
Blind for kitchen window
Ticker tape cushion for bedroom
Blue/red/green disappearing 9 patch quilt
Comma triangles
Nolan's quilt

Piecing Stage
Floral patchwork quilt
Damask apron
Matching dresses for oldest and her doll
Tumbling Time
Big stack of crayon rolls
Ticker tape cushion for living room
Harper's big girl quilt
Pillows for my MIL

Quilting Stage
Black/white/pink chevron
Black/white/blue chevron
Little apples quilt
Lap quilt for my oldest
Sunny Days
Sunny Days Pillows

Purple Chevron 
pb&j cushion cover
green and blue chevron

Patchwork pillows
pb&j quilt

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  1. I am inspired at how patient you are! Good job ;) These quilts look great. I like the second one the most! ;)