Monday, 25 November 2013

Move It Monday

One week in.  Overall it was a good week.  There were some struggles and some slip ups but I got in every workout but one and stuck to the meal plan around 90% .  And it paid off.  Down 3.8 pounds!!

My overall thoughts for the week are really positive.  Monday through Wednesday we were unbelievably sore.  But then it practically disappeared!  During our previous attempts at this workout my least favorite were Plyometrics and Legs.  Surprisingly, this time around, those are my favorite.  It helps that I'm kicking my husbands butt during those workouts LOL.  Guess all that running is paying off :)

The one major downfall to P90X is definitely how time consuming it is.  Over an hour a day for workouts plus food prep time.  My running suffered this week.  I only managed to get in one run on Sunday.  Thank goodness for my running buddies!  If they weren't waiting for me, there was no way I would have made it out the door.  It was cooooold!  But I went and we did 9.5kms without any loss of digits to frostbite :)

If you blog about fitness I would love to read about it.  Leave your address in the comments and I will stop by!

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