Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday Tidy

The shelving unit is done!  Well, as done as I am going right now :)  I am sure things will change and adjust as I get used to it.  It didn't take nearly as long as I expected.  I did a little bit each day.  Lots was tossed/donated and I fell like everything currently living in it will be used and in the near future.  I kept nothing for "someday" or "maybe".  It feels really freeing to look at it now.

Here is the before, completely unedited. (I am really resisting posting this LOL)

And the after


Details for those interested going from top left clockwise: 1) Books  2)Half of my thread and drawers where I keep home decor magazine clippings 3) medium cuts of minky 4) "girly blues" on top, reds on bottom 5) purples on top, greens on bottom 6) yellows on top, oranges on bottom

1) Medium cuts of minky (same as prev pic) 2) Large and small cuts of minky 3) Ribbon! 4) Neutral scraps on top (for my Tula City Sampler), Neutrals on bottom and my missing pincushion :) 5) Special fabric on top, blues on bottom 6) as in prev pic

1) Magazines and books (I plan to scatter these throughout my fabric cubes as I get more holders) 2)Baby quilt backings on top, holiday on bottom 3) crayons in the basket, solid scraps below 4) vintage scarves to make pillows form 5) WIPs 6) Supplies and patterns for American Girl clothes

1) As in prev pic 2) Multicolor on top, pink on bottom 3) Kindle covers and zipper pouches waiting to be assembled 4) a bit of a mess but this is templates and rulers 5) finished quilt tops with their bindings in the basket 6) as in prev pic

And this one shows the bottom row.  I have empty shelves!!!  The far left holds archived tax years and photo albums, the striped box is empty and the far right holds my paint deck and some office supplies.  I have a few more things in mind to deal with the WIPs and the templates but that may have to wait for a bit as my scrap situation is a little out of control!

Anyone else tidy this week?

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  1. Yay! I love seeing it so nice and tidy. Doesn't that feel great?