Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tuesday Tidy

My "studio" has fallen apart.  Not literally, as I still have walls and a ceiling :)  But my crazy October means nothing was put away properly and there are piles everywhere, things shoved wherever there was room.  It's time for a good tidy.  But I still have work to do and I want to do it right.  I want to put thought into where I store things.  I want to make decisions about what supplies will get used and what supplies need to be passed along to someone who will use them.  So it won't happen overnight.  And for me, that means it could easily fall into the tomorrow category and never get done.  That's where you come in!

I'm planning on documenting the process along the way.  Sometimes it will just be before and afters, but other weeks I may talk about how I decided what to keep and where to keep it.  If there is enough interest, maybe a linkup?  Anyway here is what I accomplished over the last week.

 OMG, I'm a little embarrassed to even post this but I figure others might have something similar? 

I was brutal when sorting through my fabric this week.  Anything I bought that was cheap and poor quality in the beginning of my sewing days went.  Most of the non quilting fabrics went (I kept a small bin suitable for doll clothes).  Where did it go, you ask?  I certainly didn't throw it out!!  My daycare was the very happy recipient of 8 busting grocery bags of fabric.  And the very next day they were building forts with some of the larger pieces :)

These shelves will probably feature again next week as I have three more rows of shelves to sort and organize.  But I could just look at those pretty shelves all day long.  If anyone would like to know what is in all of the bins, just leave a comment and I will do some labeling for next week's post.


  1. Fabulous job tidying up! Love the shelves, so easy to see everything. Oh, how I need a dedicated sewing room!

  2. It looks fantastic! I understand what you mean about purging the fabric. I had to do that this summer, and I got rid of a lot that I bought before I realized what quality fabric was!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. Big job! Congrats on the clean out. Never easy to get rid of stuff.

  4. Oh how I love to organize! Great job!