Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday Mash Up

I haven't found the time this week to get on the computer so here is a week's worth of posts in one day :)

Tuesday Tidy

 Or not!  I took this picture last Wednesday with full intentions to pick away at it a little at a time over the week.  That obviously didn't happen.  It looks a little better than this but I will hold off posting photos until it's done.   I have big plans for that scrap pile though!

WIP Wednesday

Most of my time has been spent working on this custom memory lap quilt.  I had hoped to ship it tomorrow but the quilting is taking significantly longer to complete than I estimated.

I am outlining all of the squares in each block and then doing organic lines in the sashing.  This means lots of turning and lots of pushing the quilt through the throat of my machine.   Thankfully the more pins I remove the easier it is getting but still...

Friday Finish

My sister requested a purple butterfly bib for her baby as a Christmas gift.  And my mother requested a minky blanket bound in satin for Rayanna to keep at Grandma's house.  I don't often use the word never (I've been proved wrong too many times LOL) but I feel I can confidently say that I will never use sating binding again.  There was a LOT of cursing, screaming and pouting in the binding of this.  Worst part:  I'm not even happy with the end result.  The spot where the ends overlap is U.G.L.Y.  But I'm hopeful that to a 6 month old it will just feel soft and warm and made from love.

What have you been up to this week?  If you are in the US do you have a long weekend?  Will you spend it sewing?


  1. Love the memory quilt! Admire your fortitude in tackling all that quilting. And that satin binding - there must be an easier way?!?

  2. So nice to meet you at the MMQG meeting last night. I am super excited about getting together in the future. We are going to have lots of fun. Your memory quilt is awesome. Love it!

  3. Ha ha. I have a couple of projects like that, paper piecing comes to mind. Every time I have to do one I swear I will quit this bee as...... The butterfly bib is very cute. Your memory quilt is looking beautiful. Love the organic lines in the frame. I must say the list above the scrap bin gave me a chuckle.