Monday, 2 December 2013

Move It Monday

It was a rough week and the scale mirrored it with a 3 pound gain.  I'm not pleased with that but I'm not overly surprised.  I had soda and sweets every single day.  It was Thursday when I realized I was PMSing which at least explains it somewhat.  Thursday evening I had a birthday dinner out for a good friend.  And then we went to my inlaws for the weekend.  They show love through food.  I actually showed a lot more restraint than I have on previous visits and am ready to get back at it this week.  Started my Monday without buying a Diet Pepsi with the groceries.

On the plus side, I worked out everyday except our scheduled rest day on Saturday.  We even got up earlier on Friday to fit in our workout before leaving.  And I really feel like my body is responding to the strength training.  Even more than the scale, I am looking forward to retaking measurements at the end of the first month!


  1. You'll get it back off this week! TG is always such a hard time to lose it :-(

  2. Remember muscles weighs more so the scale could be lying.