Tuesday, 17 December 2013

FabricFast 2014

Early in 2013 I stumbled across Jodi's blog.  I followed to see how her fabric fast for 2013 would pan out (be warned, you will want to read every post on her blog if you go over there.  She's that good!).  And as I read, my mind started percolating the idea of a personal fabric fast.

I was resistant to it at first.  I came up with all sorts of reasons why it just wouldn't work for my situation.  I have a relatively small stash of fabrics.  Sewing is my job. I don't really buy that much fabric anyway.  But as the year progressed, the idea appealed to me more and more.  After my third Black Friday checkout, I knew it would happen.  And then I had the good fortune to learn that Rebecca Lynn and  Jess were also fasting in 2013.  Plus, they are doing linkies!  I love linkies LOL  Here's my plan and my caveats!

1. Use up my scraps!

I have a ton of scraps.  I'm sure others have lots more than me (ahem, Amanda Jean!) but I still feel a little overwhemed when I look at my piles.  I actually have plans for 2-3 quilts using scraps and I am eager to tackle them.  Of course I have grandiose visions of empty scrap bins by February.  But based on others stories, the bins will probably be just as full come next December.  But at least they won't be twice as full!

2.  Finish up some of my WIPs.

Now I consider WIPs anything I have floating around in my brain that I would like to complete.  The list is long (you can click on my WIP page to see just how long) and I imagine I will continue to add things to it as the year progresses.  But I would like to try and finish the year with less UFOs than I start with.

3. I'm not stocking up.

Well, I'm not stocking up anymore than I already have LOL.  I shopped liberally during Pink Castle's fall sales.  Some with specific projects in mind, some just to round out the stash.  But I didn't buy up a whole lot of fabrics for backings.  I barely have any white left for backgrounds.  And I don't have a roll of batting in my studio.  Which leads me to...

4. My caveats!

a) I can buy notions and batting.

b) I can buy fabric for commissioned quilts if I can't work with my existing stash.

c) I can buy backing (again if I can't work with what I have)

d) I can buy white if needed

e) I may place an order for my shop in the late winter/early spring

f) I can buy fabric for class samples.  I am starting to teach at a LQS this year and class samples have to be made from fabric they sell.

I'm actually quite excited about this adventure.  Every December, I get struck with the urge to go through our house and clean out all of the things we no longer love or use on a regular basis.  I feel like this will give me the same impact in my sewing space.  Is anyone else participating?


  1. I started the year with a 'Get 'Em Done or Use It Up' challenge over at Quilting Canadians group on Quilt With Us (chat forum). My year was dedicated to first finishing the WIP's from 2012, then using up stash as much as possible (thank heaven I'd stocked up on some fabrics during 2012). I did pretty well, using up lots of stash, but did need to buy some backing fabric to finish up some projects, and of course batting. Amazingly, there still seems to be a lot there - will have to try again!!! LOL!

  2. As a relatively new quilter I really don't need to do any fasting but I like the idea of making a list of things I want to accomplish in 2014. Good luck with your endeavor!

  3. What a brave undertaking, Leigh Anne! I went cold turkey on quilting magazines in January of 2012 and haven't bought one since. I'm very tempted to take on a FabricFast in 2014 too. Buying fabric is fun, but sometimes it does get out of control. I fear I'll end up on an episode of hoarders!

  4. Hi leigh anne. I admire the undertaking, but am not quite ready to join... Good luck!

  5. Frankly, I am in the same boat! I have some scraps, but not like many. I love looking at all the color both int he scrap bins and my yardage on the shelf!. My problem is I dont' like scrappy quilts, so I am looking for a pattern that will take scraps but doesn't look "scrappy"! And as far as buying, I to will be going by your plan...(just call me copy cat!) I just bought on Cyber Monday some fat quarters and cake layers and thread from Connecting THreads and have PLENTY of both so other than maybe a solid to go with the prints (I have lot of solids to!) I won't be buying fabric for the distant future! Hope we can stick to our plan!

  6. What LQS will you be starting to teach at? Good luck on the challenge-I have some ideas that I want to make this year, but no fasting for me!! I don't have much willpower I guess. I cut up all the squares I need of the happy go lucky fabric I bought from you-now just to make it!

  7. I am so ready for this! Two years ago I ended a 2 year fast. I really dwindled down my stash to almost nothing during that time, and I must say that it felt great. Now the last two years I have been quilting A LOT more and I have certainly built my stash back up. enough so that I think I easily have enough to quilt for the next year except maybe for backing. Thank you for this post, gets me motivated to commit to this :)

  8. I'm participating. I love seeing all the goals that people have and how they have adapted the rules for their needs. My guild mates think I'm insane for taking this on but I know I'm gonna love all the room I hope to reclaim in the upcoming 6 months.

  9. Oh I don't know if I could do this...I have so much fabric I really could use up AND my credit card could use the break...but I don't know that I have the self control! I never ever considered a fabric fast, I mean seriously who would suggest such a thing to fabric addict and expect to walk away intact? lol

  10. You can do it Ella!!! The photos of the fabric look scrumptious...Mmmm...fabric!

  11. Hi Leigh Anne, I guess with both you and Adrienne on board, I thought I could do it too! Thanks for providing the initial encouragement!

  12. I'm in! I've started a Pinterest board to keep track: http://www.pinterest.com/jessicanbramer/fabric-fast-14/