Monday, 16 December 2013

Move It Monday and a Winner!

This week was a solid reminder of how I gained 10 pounds last holidays and why I need to be thinking about not gaining this year.  It was easily my busiest week of the holidays and it was also a rest week on P90X.  What does that mean?  It was really easy to skip the stretching workout when you are going non stop all day.  And skipping the workout makes it a lot easier to decide on the drive thru for dinner.

We were both feeling the effects by Saturday afternoon and eager to get back to it.  And even though I was really tired last night we cleaned up the living room and got er done!  I may not lose a bunch of weight over the holidays but I WILL NOT regain!

Now for the good stuff!  There was a whopping 692 posts on my giveaway post last week.  Crazy people!  Mr. Random chose #236 and y'all are going to have to trust me.  No matter how many times I try, I cannot seem to embed the image :(

Anything by Anne Kelle because I sew for ill children.
Unfortunately Dona is a no reply blogger so I had another number chosen which was 635 

Currently lusting after the Charlie Harper fabrics...
Thanks for the giveaway.
Also a no reply blogger :(
I'm a huge fan of Bonnie & Camille. I'm currently lusting over Scrumptious. I also like Aspen Frost.
I have contacted Diana via email.

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