Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday Stash

Notable News:  I was featured on Boutlier Babblings Friday with a giveaway to boot!  There's still time to enter and she has giveaways regularly leading up to Christmas.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been shopping.  It seems to be a regular occurrence that when the cool weather hits I get the shopping itch.  And then sales start popping up on IG and I get sucked in big time.  But in a good way!

The first thing I do when Pink Castle Fabrics has 25% off the entire store, is check out the sale section for potential quilt backs.  These flannel birds jumped out at me right away so I bought two yards.  And the majority of the fabrics I pulled to coordinate were purchased during that same order.  There's some Waterfront Park, Pearl Bracelets, Sketch, Spot On, and Simply Color.  Just off the top of my head :)

Linking up with Molli for Sunday Stash!  Ooops jumped the gun a bit.  Linking up with Finding Fifth!


  1. I had to get some of those flannel birds too! I love me a flannel backing :)

  2. Yep some lovely additions there. No cool temps here, we are heading into summer.

  3. Hee.. I bought some of those flannel birds for a quilt back as well! Love that print!

  4. Really, really nice! Score!!!