Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Finish and TLP

Last year for Christmas I made this quilt for my youngest and I don't believe I ever blogged it.

It's a simple toddler bed sized quilt made with Fig Trees California Girl for Moda.  I mostly chose that line because it had the colors I was decorating her room with.  And I'm fairly certain it was my first quilt made using only one line of fabric.

Sometime during the summer I gathered up a couple of leftover blocks and my scraps to make this mini.   I set it aside with vague thoughts to sell it as a mini or a doll quilt.  But when Alexis was making her Christmas wish list and full of accessories for her baby, I pulled it back out to use as a gift for her.

And then I remembered this post by Maureen  and decided that they must also have matching pillowcases!  These came together so quickly and easily and they were a big hit.  I thought that they would work well for the baby doll bunkbeds she already owned but she insists that baby sleep in her bed with her each night.

Who am I to argue :)  Linking up with Amanda Jean!

Do you know what else is going on today?  Today is the launch of TLP (The Library Project) over at Chezzecook Modern Quilts.  This fits in really nicely with my Project Inspiration so you know I'm playing along!  Here are the book projects I've chosen for the year.

1. Indian Summer from Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe
2. Neigbourhood from Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman
3. Scrappers Delight from Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean and Cheryl Arkinson
4. Adorn from Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley
and of course
5. City Sampler by Tula Pink


  1. What a great gift!! The matching pillow cases are adorable too!! I have a pattern from Simply Retro on the go right now too, and will be linking up with Adrenne soon!!

  2. What a sweet gift. It's so cute; now she and dollie match.

  3. Love the orange fabrics! So very happy looking! And the little doll quilt is adorable!

  4. So funny that I'm going to do something from Modern Patchwork and Dominique is making something from Sunday Morning Quilts! There's so much overlap among the MMQG gals- we're like a quilting borg! I have resisted buying Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe - perhaps it will make a good reward if I'm successful in TLP! ☺

  5. How sweet with the pillow case and the color is one of new faves!!

  6. Love the matching quilts and pillowcases, Leigh Anne. I made matching quilts before, and pillowcases. But matching pillowcases? You've just paved the road, my dear...
    On the library front, I have a thing for Sunday Morning Quilts, so I highly approve of the scrappers delight choice!

  7. that little doll quilt is delish! Loving TLP Picks too. I will have to put Sunday Morning Quilts on my want list...

  8. Love your dolly set - very cute! I'm making the Tula Pink 100 blocks at he moment and I love them. Lovely choices for the Library project!

  9. That doll set is so cute :-) And, you're going to be a busy quilter since all those other delightful quilts are added to your City Sampler. You can do it though! One block at a time.