Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuesday Tidy: The Moving Purge

Aside from the home where I lived for most of my childhood, this is only the second house I've lived in longer than two years.  Which means for 12 years I moved an average of once yearly.  Three of those moves were cross country and I could only take what would fit in my car.  Needless to say I got to be pretty ruthless with what belongings were move worthy!

We have lived in this house for nearly two and a half years now.  Four people can accumulate a LOT in 2.5 years, especially with a basement and shed to stash it in.  As a result, I am approaching this purge with a cross country move in mind (just an imaginary one LOL).  There are definitely things that will remain that wouldn't if we were to move (ie hand me downs and some of our less loved furniture pieces) but the mindset is a really helpful one for me to have.

I know I told you I was tackling that room in the basement this week and I did make some progress. but I got distracted.

By my fridge

By my closet

And by my dresser.

The trunk is half full with bags for Goodwill and I'm not running out of steam yet!  This week Minimalist Mom is encouraging us to tackle those spaces that accumulate "stuff".  Flylady would call them "hot spots".  We have a few.  Obviously our bedroom dresser, but also the console in the entrance and the breakfast bar.  Those should only take a half hour tops so I'm sure I will tackle more as well, perhaps that basement space?!


  1. Ooooo - this morning I told myself that I would tackle 'that pile' and now that I see what a roll you are on here on your blog, I WILL be tackling the pile that I was so cross with this morning!! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  2. Leigh Anne, it really seems like you are going in all different directions... and I pretty much want to follow everywhere!!! a post on exercise, I want to get moving, scrapbooking, I start to think about my poor pictures sitting on a hard drive, now, after this post, I just want to go clean my house. Those who know me knows that never happens! (the house does gets cleaned, but it's never because I have the urge)!

  3. Oh, I know all about hot spots! Good for you for tackling them. Mine are starting to get cluttered again after cleaning two weeks ago and being good for a little while at keeping up with them. Thank goodness I'm having someone over on Friday, so I can be motivated to tidy up again.