Thursday, 27 February 2014

California Recap

I'm back!  After a week in the gorgeous California winter (seriously?!  It was 21 degrees Celsius every day!) it was tough to head out into the Canadian winter this morning.  But so nice to snuggle with my baby girls :) Since Jeremy and I were in Califoria in October, this wasn't a sight seeing trip for me.  I really just wanted to hang out with my bestie and snuggle her baby.  So I spent a lot of time doing this...

Pardon the blurriness, facebook picture
But I definitely was out and a bout pretty much daily.  I went to Ikea for the first time ever!  I wanted to buy some Britten for quilt backings and  I grabbed one other pattern as well.  I've seen this used all over the internet so I assume it works well.  But I'll admit I was surprised at the thinness of it.  Have any of you used Ikea fabric for quilt backs?  Did you prewash?  How does it quilt?

Just before I left, I learned that Josh from Molli Sparkles  was going to be at Intrepid Thread, just 30 minutes from where I was staying.  You know that had to happen :)  It was a great visit and I was thrilled that Anne from Play Crafts was there as well.  I pretty much knew before I got there that I would be breaking my fabric fast.  It is so rare that I get the opportunity to see and touch fabric before I buy, I just had to take advantage.  And I did :)

I got some Rapture, Meadow, and some purples for my stash (seriously lacking).  I was back and forth on Hello Petal but I resisted fat quarters and grabbed a charm pack.  Also, a charm pack of Color Me Happy.

I also picked up Alison Glass' Feathers pattern (guess that means I will be paper piecing again LOL) and A Month of Sundays at Intrepid Thread.  I've been hunting for this book locally for several months.  I love wandering bookstores so we took a trip to Barnes and Nobles.  You can imagine my excitement when I found two back issues of Love Patchwork and Quilting.  When Vintage Quilt Revival hit the internet I was unsure if it was a book that would fit with my style.  But the more I saw people making blocks and quilts from it, the more it felt right.  Seeing it in person cinched the deal and I found room in my suitcase for it :)

So not the greatest Fabricfast update but I'm ok with what I purchased and should probably be good at least until July :)  Linking up with RebeccaLynne


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome trip and totally worth breaking your fabric fast!!! I am in love with the Feathers pattern, but me and paper piecing aren't the best of friends yet. Can't wait to see what you make with all these lovelies!!

  2. Love love love...ikea backing! I especially love that "other one" I can't remember the name but I have it and am about to quilt a quilt with it. I use starch because it is thin and moves around quite a bit. ;)

  3. You didn't break your FabricFast. You bought souvenirs. Totally different situation! :) You brought back some great treasures... and, eeep!, you got to meet Molli Sparkles! JEALOUS!

  4. I just bought Vintage Quilt Revival as well and love it! Its always a plus when you want to make more than 2 projects in a book! Glad you had a such a great vacation!

  5. That sounds like such an amazing trip Leigh Anne! I would have been happy with the warm weather, but baby snuggles, sparkles and fabric. You win my friend, you win!

  6. I love Vintage Revival. I had to drop out of the block along due to time restrictions, but I plan to return to the book to make several of the patterns!