Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuesday Tidy: Routine

I haven't written a Tuesday Tidy post in a few weeks.  Mostly because there haven't been any major areas cleaned out.  No large trips to Goodwill.  Instead we have slowly been building daily/weekly cleaning into our regular routine.  I know that many people just do this. I grew up with a Mother who did :)  But that innate cleanliness did not get passed on to me (or my baby sister.  Middle sister got all of our share LOL).

We have been working with the girls to get in the routine of picking up the living room after dinner.  And with ourselves to tidy the kitchen each evening.  I've started making the bed every morning again.  On the weekend, I spend a few hours dusting/sweeping/mopping and helping the girls do a major tidy of their rooms.  In the first few weeks that was all I could get done in the time allotted.  But last weekend I was able to clean out a drawer in the kitchen. And this weekend the spice cupboard was sorted and wiped down.

The bed is made.  On a weekend day.  That blue blanket is to keep the cat from scratching the footboard :(
Along the way, there has been some decluttering.  When Ella couldn't close her drawers after putting away her laundry, I had her pull out some pieces she didn't wear any more.  I'm also having her choose one item per week to sell/donate/toss.  This might not be able to go on forever but given the amount we are starting with and a birthday in March, I would guess we could easily go until summer arrives.

There are no dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, and no toothpaste in the sink!
Slowly but surely we are creating a peaceful home.  One we aren't embarrassed to open the door on when a friend visits spur of the moment.  But more importantly, one we are happy to just "be" in.


  1. Sounds like you're making good progress with your plan! Good for you! I always found tidying up immediately after myself, made for a lot less work, and time, when doing a bigger clean on my days off. Your home looks lovely!

  2. Great job! I need to make cleaning a daily routine...do a little bit each day.

  3. I struggle a lot with the whole daily cleaning thing - wish I'd gotten the cleaning genes too :)

  4. these days I am lucky if I get to clean the toilet. And if you can keep a secret, with last weekends finger slicing incident, weekend being the time I do my housework, let's just say the bathrooms were yuckeeee when I finally got to them today. For shame!