Tuesday, 3 September 2013

On the Wall

I hope all of my North American readers had a lovely labour day weekend.  Hopefully one that was a proper send of to summer instead of the dreary rainy weekend we had here!  Don't forget, there is still time to take advantage of my back to school sale on fabric.  Just enter B2S2013 at checkout to save 20%!

Saturday was a rough day in my house.  I woke inspired to make all the things.  The kids were not so inspired LOL.  I didn't get a spare moment at my machine and after a two hour bedtime filled with screaming I had zero motivation to do any sort of thinking.  But I also know that an hour at my machine tends to soothe my nerves.  Then I remembered the simple patchwork quilt sitting in my WIP pile.

All of the squares were cut and half of the 4 squares were made.  An hour later and I had the rest of the 4 squares were made and I had a preliminary layout.  But the best part was the improvement in my mood!  And I'm left wondering why I put this off for so long!  It's coming together really quickly.  I'm excited to finish it up and get started on the quilting, which is what inspired the quilt initially.

What's on your wall today?


  1. This will always be one of my favorite quilt designs- lovely scrappy square patchwork.

  2. Some time I wonder why I put things off too! Not so bad once you get going and it sure is looking good! Love the scrappy look and the colors are so perfect. Scrappy seems so daunting to me, I think I am trying to hard. Do you plan the look or let it just fall together?

  3. I love how the design falls out to the HSTs. Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to get a ton done this weekend too, and then it was awful weather so we ended up cooped up with the dang brio train set trying to talk the 2 year old out of climbing the walls. Good for you for just sticking to it and getting something done! It always does feel better!

  4. Great scrappy quilt! Fun and bright! So you were able to manage to get the kiddo's off to school. That my friend, is a big battle WON!!!